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If you have gone on a MILF date scored at milfpickup, chances are your date probably never called you back. If you’re like the typical younger guy, you probably got in there thinking that the whole experience is all about you. It’s all about fucking some tight hole, getting off and just heading straight for the door. Unfortunately, an older woman is not like the younger chicks that you banged in college.

A lot of your attitudes when it comes to sex is simply not going to fly with these older demographics. These women have been around for a while. They know how the game works. A lot of them don’t have emotional baggage or bring unnecessary drama. They know what they want and they know how to get it. In other words, we’re talking about mature people and the whole idea of simply coming in, fucking and then leaving is not going to wash with them. Not surprisingly, a lot of younger guys find out the hard way that their MILF date doesn’t want to call them back. If you want her to not just call you back but to keep on calling you, pay attention to the following tips.

Make her come many, many times

This is not a typo. I said the word many twice. Why? Well, older women actually orgasm multiple times. We’re not just talking about once, twice. We are talking many, many times. It’s not uncommon for an older woman to climax five times a night. This is not like those vague climaxes that college girls have, you know, like she thinks she came or she came close to climaxing. No, not that bullshit. We’re talking about like the feeling that like the back of your brains is about to blow out and your toes are like curled like some sort of eagle. That kind of orgasm and sadly you have to wait until you’re 30 or 35 years old to start experiencing the distinct joys of multiple orgasms. MILFs are looking for this kind of experience. You need to be able to bring the equipment. Bring the energy and bring the experience they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re not just going to get called back to the party again.

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You have to go down on your knees and eat that pussy. That’s the bottom line. Why? You shouldn’t aim to get her off by simply going crazy on her clit. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about setting the emotional mood. Heat her up. Heat her body up so you can then take care of business. This is how you open the door for more multiple orgasm experience. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

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There are tons of free hookup sites out there and it seems that once you’ve joined one side, you’ve pretty much joined them all. If you think this way, then I really feel bad for you because these free hookup sites are actually quite different and distinct from each other. Sure, they have a lot of similarities and in many cases they may seem like they are working off the same template. But make no mistake about it. What distinguishes one free hookup website from another free online adult dating site is the community.

So focus primarily on the community. If you want to get the most value out of such a platform, then you need to pay attention to the following community-oriented factors.

Establish a solid community persona

You got to remember that trying to get laid online is not like trying to order pizza through the Internet. It’s not like you have this craving for pepperoni and olives and you just type in some keystrokes and do some mouse clicks, and all of a sudden hot babes will be delivered straight to your door or you will meet a piece of ass somewhere in town. It doesn’t work that way. You have to make people feel comfortable around you. You have to make people feel that you are trustworthy as a sex partner. Especially with sexy babes that are looking for a hookup.

Sure, you’re still going to be engaging in anonymous sex with horny women but they are paying close attention to your community persona. This is why it’s really important to be mindful of the kind of persona that you are creating when you join a free hookup website.

Build an extensive network

I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to remember that with these types of online sex dating sites, if you do a good job banging one woman, chances are she will refer friends to you. That’s how it works. You have to remember that great service is very hard to find online. Women would love to refer guys that they know are great lovers to their girlfriends. So you need to work that network. Most importantly, you need to perform well in bed so you can get referred.


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It’s really hard for many younger guys to deal with cougars. You have to understand that the phenomenon of sexy older women is a fairly recent phenomenon. For thousands of years, it was actually the other way around. For thousands of years, it was perfectly socially acceptable for older guys to lust after younger pussy. Now, the tables have been turned and it’s time for older ladies to have their fun and that is why there are so many older women looking for younger men nowadays..

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